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  1. The PIO is committed to promote business and commerce within the Santa Monica Pico Blvd Business Improvement area.
  2. The PIO is committed to promote goodwill between the business community and the residential areas immediately adjacent to the Boulevard.
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3019 Pico Blvd #4
Santa Monica, CA 90405


Monthly Board Meeting

The PIO Board of Directors meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month in Virginia Ave Park. Click to view the meeting agenda, here

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Artists Display Work at Pico Festival


                 ~ Examples of artwork in the 7th Annual Pico Festival ~




        "One Chairs"                           "Fingers"                                       "Headache"
  Marianne van der Veer             Digital Image                                 Bibi Davidson




         "Road Trip"                          "Lincoln Place"                       "Green+2 Tones Shoes"
        Renee Akana                        Adam Harrison                           Parvis Djamtorsky



     "Out of the Box"       "Abstract Portrait Hummingbird"                   "Sojourner"                   
         Sandy Chu                          Gonen Yacov                                Amanda Harrison                                                          



              "Voyage"                                 "Abaco Palapa Acrylic"                    "Knife Etching"
       Susan Haysworth                                   Byrnes Vogel                         Andrea Schouten



                                           "Shopping"                              "Defiant Vulnerability"
                                       Nathalie Choupay                             Stanley Bamis